Anna Margarete Frers


Personal and Family Information

Anna Margarete Frers was born 20 SEP 1804 in Burgforde. She died 15 JUN 1843 in Burgforde, Germany. She was the daughter of Johan Friedrich Frers and Alma Maria Eilers.

Anna Margarete Frers's husband was Hermann Jaspers. They were married 16 MAY 1835 in Westerstede, Germany. Their known child was Helena Jasper.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Anna Margarete Frers


Johan Friedrich Frers


Wilke Frers


Johann Frerks


Anna Hempen-Johans


Anna Margareta Otken


Johann Otken


Hille Siefken


Alma Maria Eilers


Dierk (Bennje) Eilers


Dierke Behnje


Anna Ohlroggen


Anna Sophia Eilers


Johann Eilers


Gesche Meyers




She was buried 19 JUN 1843 in Westerstede, Germany.