Anna Ohlroggen


Personal and Family Information

Anna Ohlroggen was born ABT 16 NOV 1717 in Ocholt, Germany. She died ABT 25 MAR 1807 in Giesselhorst/Westersted, Germany. She was the daughter of Oltmann Ohlroggen and Hille Gerdes.

Anna Ohlroggen's husband was Dierke Behnje. They were married 3 DEC 1738 in Westerstede. Their known child was Dierk (Bennje) Eilers.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Anna Ohlroggen


Oltmann Ohlroggen


Oltmann Ohlroggen


Anna Dues


Otke Dues




Hille Gerdes


Eilert Gerdes


Gerd Gerdes


Anna Eilers


Anna Ahlhorn


Frerk Ahlhorn Muller


Anna Hobby




She was baptized 16 NOV 1717 in Ocholt, Germany.


Anna Ohlroggen was buried 25 MAR 1801 in Giesselhorst/Westerstede.


Writing on death certificate

The pastor when she died wrote on the death certificate that her husband Dirk left her because she was a quarrelsome woman. Dirk went to Amsterdam and never came back. Her rich farm she lost by public sale and she became poor. She died as an old and wrinkled woman. Her sister was quarrelsome and malicious too. Her husband left her and went to the Netherlands like Dirk Benny. They had a good chance to get some work, because Netherlands used a lot of workmen.