Anna Hempen-Johans


Personal and Family Information

Anna Hempen-Johans was born ABT 13 FEB 1722 in Burgforde, Germany. She died ABT 27 FEB 1749 in Burgforde, Germany. She was the daughter of Johann Hempen Johans and Anna Albers.

Anna Hempen-Johans's husband was Johann Frerks. They were married 5 DEC 1743 in Westerstede. Their known child was Wilke Frers.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Anna Hempen-Johans


Johann Hempen Johans


Ottman (Bohms) Hempen-F


Johann (Oltmanns) Bohms


Anna Bohms


Wubke Hempen-Johans


Johann Hempen


Hille Schmits


Anna Albers


Eilerd (Bruggeman) Albers


Eilert (Bolties) Bruggeman


Anna Bruggeman


Talke Albers


Renke Albers


Hille Benny




She was baptized 13 FEB 1722 in Burgforde.


Anna Hempen-Johans was buried 27 FEB 1749 in Burgforde, Germany.