Johann Frerks


Personal and Family Information

Johann Frerks was born ABT 22 AUG 1704 in Burgforde, Germany. He died ABT 13 MAY 1755 in Burgforde, Germany. He was the son of Wilke (Hovedes) Frerks and Almuth Hemmy.

Johann Frerks's wife was Anna Hempen-Johans. They were married 5 DEC 1743 in Westerstede. Their known child was Wilke Frers.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Johann Frerks


Wilke (Hovedes) Frerks


Gerd (Ficky) Hovedes


Wilke Ficky


Anna NN


Gebke Hovedes


Johann Hovedes


Catrin NN


Almuth Hemmy


Johann Hemmy


Gerd Hemmy


Gesche Ovie


Anna Kromers


Frerk Kromer


Almet NN




He was baptized 22 AUG 1704 in Burgforde, Germany.


Johann Frerks was buried 13 MAY 1755 in Burgforde/Westerstede, Germany.