Johann (Oltmanns) Bohms


Personal and Family Information

Johann (Oltmanns) Bohms was born AFT 1610 in Westerstede, Germany. He died ABT 21 DEC 1693 in Hullstede. He was the son of Oltmann Oltmans and N. N. Talcke.

Johann (Oltmanns) Bohms's wife was Anna Bohms. They were married 9 FEB 1640 in Westerstede, Germany. Their known child was Ottman (Bohms) Hempen-F.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Johann (Oltmanns) Bohms


Oltmann Oltmans


N. N. Talcke




He was buried 21 DEC 1693 in Hullstede.