Westerstede, Germany

The birth places of our ancestors in Germany include the villages around the towns of Westerstede and Bad Zwischenahn.

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The area is called Ammerland
The people, the fauna and flora radiate a contagious tranquility. Farmsteads, dots of color against the green of the Ammerland, invite you to share the quiet idyll of this land of pleasant living. It is a tranquil paradise where the hospitable people of Ammerland live in harmony with nature. The bike trails are plentiful and will take you where ever you wish to go.
Ammerland has some interesting stories to tell and, what is more, they are not fairy tales, myths or sagas. They are true stories of rural life in the time of our ancestors. You may listen to the stories of half-timbered cottages, some of which are more than three hundred years old by visiting the open-air museums of historical buildings. You find typical farm equipment dating from the late Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. It is enthralling to see the massive stone churches which in the Middle Ages were at once places of worship and fortresses against marauding Vikings, Frisians and the neighbouring Lower Saxon tribes. Today these churches with their intricately carved wooden altars and pulpits are an integral, harmonious part of the Ammerland countryside.

St.-Petri-Kirche Westerstede (St. Peter's Church)

One of the many attractions in Westerstede, Germany is the St.-Petri-Kirche. It is the Lutheran Church that was attended by our Neemeyer ancestors that lived either near or in Westerstede. Henrich "Henry" Neemeyer was baptized in this church. It was built in the year 1123 and has continued it's service through the centuries. After over 875 years it is still a majestic building that is as beautiful inside as it is outside.

Below are numerous photos of this church available for your viewing. Thumbnails of these photos are below. If you would like to see a larger photo, click on the photo for the larger view.

Louis and Hilda Hellbusch visited Westerstede, Germany during the early 70's. The trees were much smaller 30 years ago but the church was basically the same as it is today. The bell tower on the left still stands today.
This appears to be the "front" , however the entrance door is on the side of the church.

Another view of the church.
Looking to the back of the church at the wonderful pipe organ in the balcony area.
Standing near the alter, looking to the back of the church. Notice the area on the right side. This area could be accessed only from the outside prior to 1907. The area was for special seating. On the center of the face of the special seating is displayed the coat of arms of the name "Von Seggern" representing the years 1775-1863. We were told that this area was for the wealthy contributors of the church.
The baptism font of the Westerstede Church. The church has been using this baptism font since the year 1648 when it was received by the church. It is carved oak wood. Henrich "Henry" Neemeyer was baptized here.
A place to rest and ejoy the beautiful surroundings. The church can be seen in the background.
Westerstede is famous for the Rhododendron flowers that are grown in the area. Take some time and enjoy the web site about Rhodedenrons. It will give you some information about the beauty of the Westerstede area. There is an English page available and many beautiful photos.
Westerstede has a web site with some information about the town. It is only available in the German language as of this date.

A small aerial view of Westerstede, Germany You can see a little bit of the topography around the Westerstede area. It is fairly flat and very lush and green. The people farming and living in this area have had to invest a lot of time in getting the soil to be as lush as it is today. Visit the Cloppenburg Museum for more detailed information. (The Museum site is only in the German language.)

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