Various bits of information have been received about the Neemeyer History and Genealogy. As this is all sorted and categorized, sharing is part of the genealogy and the following information may be of interest. If anyone has information they would like to share, be sure to email us.


The web site has many names such as: Brakenhoff - Duane's paternal line
* Neemeyer - Duane's maternal line
* Egger and Mueller - Sherri's paternal line
* A Daybook Summary of Ludwig Dubs (married to Bertha Mueller--sister of Paulina Mueller)
* Engel and Klug - Sherri's maternal line
* Franzen and Ubben - Craig's paternal line (These names is also found in the Hellbusch research website of

Anna Niemeyer is mentioned as coming to America on

In 1906, Hinrich Neemeyer, age 32 and wife Alent, age 30, came to the USA with two young daughrters. They were from Westenbede, Germany. In 1893, Maria Neemeyer age 48 cam to the USA. Visit

Clinton County, Illinois has death records for the years between December 1877 and June, 1903. There is a Marie Magdelana Neemeyer listed in those records but it does not say what year. Could this be the same Maria Neemeyer that came to the USA in 1893

On February 11, 1920, Helen Neemeyer of Long Island, New York, married Ernst Franz Sedgwick Hanfstaengl. He was born in Munich, Germany. They had a son and daughter with the daughter dying as a young child. They moved back to Germany and were divorced in 1936. He became a close friend of Hitler. He was interned in 1939 in England and transferred to Canada where he was released in 1947. The son joined the USArmy and served for a time in the South Pacific. (Info from LDH-June 2, 2001)

We received information from Dirk Oltmanns. Dirk informed us that we are related to the family "Warns" in Hollwege, Germany. A book has been written about the history of Hollwege by Dirk and some others from the beginning to about 1700. Information may be found at (It is written in German.) There is information about the Churches in Westerstede, Germany, also.

It was exciting to receive an email from Linda Newcomb. Linda has shared a lot of information about Anna Margarite Neemeyer who married John H. Wilke and their descendants. Anna Margarite Neemeyer was a daughter of Johann Frederick Neemeyer and Helena Jasper. She was able to provide information about some of the roots in Germany. These names have been added to the index of names and we certainly do appreciate her information.

An example of the information is in the various spellings of the names. Visit the index "N" to check out the various spellings. We often get stumped in our research because the names were recorded with various spellings. Neemeyer is no different. We were told in Germany when we visited that the "Neimeyer" names were not related. When we really think about "we are not related", it is probably not true and we need an open mind to discover the real roots of our lives. The rewarding part of the genealogy research is discovering the real tidbits that make up "our story". "The Story Tellers" written by Bob Dunn is a perfect description of these discoveries.

Anna Margarite Neemeyer Obituary

Any information regarding the above contacts can be sent to Elaine. Verification of other relatives and more information is always appreciated.

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