Martha Neemeyer


Personal and Family Information

Martha Neemeyer was born 3 JUN 1880 in Westerstede, Germany. She died 4 OCT 1953. She was the daughter of Johann Frederick Neemeyer and Helena Jasper.

Martha Neemeyer's husband was August Fittje. They were married 15 APR 1909. Their 2 known children were Adele Elisa Fittje and Elsie Sophia Fittje.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Martha Neemeyer


Johann Frederick Neemeyer


Gerhard Nemeyer


Ahlerd Nemeyer


Wubke Kramer


Almuth Hempen-Johanns


Gerd Hempen-Johanns


Allmuth Schroders


Helena Jasper


Hermann Jaspers


Johann Jaspers


Helena Harms oder Frerichs


Anna Margarete Frers


Johan Friedrich Frers


Alma Maria Eilers