Sophia Neemeyer


Personal and Family Information

Sophia Neemeyer was born 31 MAR 1870 in Westerstede, Germany. She died 12 NOV 1940. She was the daughter of Johann Frederick Neemeyer and Helena Jasper.

Sophia Neemeyer's husband was Carl Mueller. They were married 28 APR 1892. Their 5 known children were Olga Mueller, Elsie Mueller, Victor Mueller, Annette Mueller and Clara Mueller.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Sophia Neemeyer


Johann Frederick Neemeyer


Gerhard Nemeyer


Ahlerd Nemeyer


Wubke Kramer


Almuth Hempen-Johanns


Gerd Hempen-Johanns


Allmuth Schroders


Helena Jasper


Hermann Jaspers


Johann Jaspers


Helena Harms oder Frerichs


Anna Margarete Frers


Johan Friedrich Frers


Alma Maria Eilers